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Is there no other way beyond traditional belief systems that require you to accept falsehoods as if they were true, and leftism run amok that requires you to accept falsehoods as if they were true?

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The best piece that I have read so far on how a collective madness has power

"Truth is a weak commitment signal. Anyone can embrace truth. Only the truly “enlightened”, and normatively aggressive, can make falsity—especially about testable reality—work as a signal.

Genuine expertise deals in complex truths. But that is not the sort of truth at stake here. Genuine expertise is a costly signal in all the wrong ways: it does not scale up.

Your signal has to scale up in ways that work for midwits—especially midwit managers—and lay folk. Falsity can do that just fine. Even better, disconnection from reality makes it so much easier for marker beliefs and linguistic signals to be regularly and conveniently updated.

This is how we end up with some women have penises.

The more you have to not notice (the denial of biology, the travails of de-transitioners, the sterilising of minors)—especially to make the required affirmations (mandated pronouns, here we come)—the stronger is your adherence signal and the more invested in leverage-and-status strategies you become. This extends to arguing how wrong, how transphobic, it is to notice wrongly."

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"... they use your vocabulary, but not your dictionary." That's a keeper.

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Jul 27, 2023·edited Jul 27, 2023

Helen, you have outlined brilliantly and succinctly the nature of this 'mass psychosis', with the slight omission of the 'social contagion’ among girls’ aspect the heaviest true victims of this social-horror-phenomenon and that has particular resonance with the negation of the value parental experience and wisdom, as the most propitious social protector against predatorial ideologues, which, of course, is now legally being done, as you do highlight so clearly here.

The religion analogy is in fact not an exactly analogy, it is instead more of mutation, a combination or sort of tri-synthesis of the Durkheimian and Eladian conception of religion as the interplay between the ‘sacred’ and the ‘profane’. But in a world where the Sacred is no longer noticed or sought, but negated and denied. The profane being the hum drum mundane life of every day, the sacred that vision of the super-mundane, that which inspires humanity to seek to create and innovate to transcendent toward beatific visions of what could be, inspiration of the beautiful and terrible dreams of the human imagination. This is combined with Baudrillard's key idea, initially often and intended to be used in discussing postmodernism in the arts, though now seemingly ubiquitous in every field of human activity, business, the arts, science, education the family – Baudrillardian tentacles creep everywhere: "simulation" and "the hyperreal." The hyperreal is "more real than real": something fake and artificial comes to be more definitive of the real, which is exactly what you lay out brilliantly in this essay.

No wonder Wachowski sisters were such devotees. The true subtext of The gnostic transhumanist allegory of the “Matrix” trilogy culminates was the merging of Neo with machine mind, in a messianic act of self-sacrifice, fulfilling prophecy as saviour of both Man and Machine (AI) in order the save the world for both and preserve the balance of mutual interdependence. (Scary shit).

Thus, the ideology itself functions precisely to circumvent what had previously underpinned the psyche and logos of western civilisation, rooting itself the functional and evolutionary sex roles of biological reality, in the Judaeo-Christian mythos substrate is grounded in the mythos Adam and Eve. Spare rib indeed, but not feminist imposition by a Patriarchal tyrant, mere reality, the acceptance of which our survival and flourishing was perceived to rest.

The necessary acceptance of our human condition is precise what Genesis represent to us, that we must first accept our fallen state as our own responsibility (whether that seems fair or not it is existential test all human must face) an unassailable truth, and the first true step on the path redemption and adult maturity of living with the REAL. This is the initiation of every tribe, before we may begin the process of spiritual maturation and from there pursue question the emergent questions which lead to transcendent wisdom. Of what it means to be a Man and a Woman, of what it means to seek the Sacred in life. And it this that the blank-statists seek to erase and replace with their insanity of identitarian fantasy and tyranny of affirmation.

That is why the activist ideology seek through every avenue of influence to plug itself into children, for children experience the transformative beauty of imagination in a way which adults, whose psyches are tempered by decades of reality checks, simple cannot, because of the existential cost it would wrought, an adult allow themselves to be deluded by it and must live in REALITY – at least, not till now. The number of parents now indoctrinating, and schools as well, long with MSM and the Medical profession and supporting cooperate industries, one might speculate will be 20 years before this religious possession of a generation can be re-grounded in something more real and truly religious, for we have lost sight of that which should be most Sacred:

To quote Morpheus’ well-known lines: “For the longest time I wouldn’t believe it. And then I saw the field with my own eyes, watched them liquefy the dead so they could be intravenously fed to the living, and standing there, facing the pure horrifying precision, I came to realise the obviousness of the truth. What is the Matrix? Control. A computer-generated dream world”. Built by those who seek erase reality and make God in their own image. For those who only recognise power dynamics as the sole arbiter of political reality, and who will pursue this ideological goal of protecting the sacred trans victim at any cost, wilful blindness to ‘not- noticing’ incvenient truth or the loss of the Scared and Truly Holy. As you say “The Transcult is a reminder of how much horror faith in a transformative future can generate: a reminder written on children’s mutilated and sterilised bodies.” The Matrix, indeed, seemingly made real., in search the narcissistic illusion of individual freedom which is in truth no freedom at all. To quote St Justin Popovic, where perhaps true could be found.

“In truth there is only one freedom - the holy freedom of Christ, whereby He freed us from sin, from evil, from the devil. It binds us to God. All other freedoms are illusory, false, that is to say, they are all, in fact, slavery.

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Very briefly. It isn’t really bonkers, they didn’t just now happen. They were always there. This is just the rise of it, and after a time it will fade, as surely as they will remain a tiny minority. Their wish is to recruit, and that will fail too.

Power? I don’t think so.

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We are living through a creedal passion period. Bonkers beliefs are to be expected. The concern would be if ten years from now there is still a lot of this. So, you should keep up your efforts to help folks recover. Then we will have a resistant population for the next 30 years until the next one of these comes along.


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A great summary of why post-modern belief systems are no replacement for religion. They have not had time to undergo a sort of ideological Darwinism and therefore have not had a chance to be killed off by nature due to being the unfit belief systems that they are.

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"all the streams of thought that create “wokery”—flow from Hegel and his pouring of the spiritual into the social."

Kinda a little off topic from the main point of another brilliant essay. But far from being an expert on Hegel, my feeling is this movement (Hume - Kant - Hegel - Marx) from the spiritual into the social was the consequence of loss of faith in God that started in the Enlightenment. An attempt to replace the diminishing authority of God with the authority of Reason. But the values in which they reasoned from were Christian. I am not sure that wokery can be overcome without a serious revaluation of Christian values.

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"demand to control how others speak and think of them—pioneered by the Jewish lobby"

Jews -- who probably number fewer than trans people worldwide -- were genocided by 20th century right (fascist) and left (communist) wing dictatorships. So yes, perfectly fair to try to change the narrative and dispel millenia-old conspiracy theories.

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I'm new here, I thought this was a great piece until I hit this paragraph:

"The Transcult takes a demand to control how others speak and think of them—pioneered by the Jewish lobby and expanded by feminism—to an extreme not previously seen."

That stopped me cold. I did not continue.

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Jul 27, 2023Liked by Lorenzo Warby

Thankyou for making this topic more relevant for me regarding the problem at hand ( sigh). I have been thinking about the woke and the trans as one of many diversionary strategies being employed to take attention away from the sun virus poisoning.

Reading this has made it more clear to me that the trans- agenda is as toxic a threat to humanity due to it's ability to control much more than the slow death from pharmaceutical poisoning.

I wonder if the reality deniers will be able to deny hunger, or pain and suffering from being poisoned? Reality deniers and brownshirts do love their money and their conveniences....

What I think is a real diversion is the MFM and anti- Marxists attempting to provide ' the evidence' that will wake people up.

I'll now put this down to the remarkable benifits of what you call 'not noticing' that attempting to wake these people up doesn't work!😁🚫

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This top shelf!

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If interested here is my take on the dogmatic view of the same cult


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"Well-written histories of the Great Terror or the Cultural Revolution — or of the final years of the Roman republic, say for example — have the strange effect of becoming incredibly boring. The 94th bonfire of humanity, appearing on page 678, resembles the previous 93 bonfires. The grim machine of political purges makes brutal depravity tedious. Commissar X, Commissar Y, and Commissar Z run the Committee to Kill Wrongthinkers; then, and you always see this coming, Commissar X, Commissar Y, and Commissar Z are declared to be wrongthinkers, and are tossed on their own bonfire. The managerial tier is always consumed by its own instrument. Purge culture is the center of a politics of repression, the inevitable dynamic of a system that has degenerated to the stage of an unprincipled grasping for status and position. Someone was denounced yesterday; someone is being denounced today; someone will be denounced tomorrow.


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Excellent. Thank you Lorenzo. Clear and enlightening, as ever.

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